The history of Klimatechniki begins in 1961, when the founder George Maridis begins in Finikas Thessaloniki the production of heating devices in an area of ​​300 sq.m. together with no more than 10 close associates.

The first product produced is the Davobella oil heater. With good quality and modern design for the time, which allowed simple, fast and efficient use, this first product line leads to commercial success and rapid development.

Today, Klimatechniki has developed into a modern industrial and commercial company, active in the fields of electrical appliances and sanitary ware, with long-term historical collaborations with some of the best foreign companies. We are especially proud to maintain our industrial activity, since most models of Davoline hoods continue to be produced in our factory in Thessaloniki, from where, in addition to the Greek market, they are traded and exported to more than 21 countries.